Covid-19 Plans For Alpha Term

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The following are our plans as requested by the Lagos State Office of Education Quality Assurance concerning school reopening.


1.2 Staggered/ alternate attendance

In compliance with the Lagos State government’s initiatives, guidelines and directives for school to only keep 60% of the total school population of the school premises on any school day, we have decided to adopt staggered attendance whereby senior school (SS1-3) will come  to school  on Monday, Wednesday and  Friday  while  Junior  school will be in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These days will be alternated between these two groups of classes in such a way to allow every child to have equal amount of lessons by the end of the term. We have also decided to adopt the 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily time frame for lessons with timed intervals as breaks.



In compliance with the NCDC guidelines, and as also supported by the Lagos State government for school reopening, we have made plans to always keep 1.5 m space among our learners, among our staff and also between a teacher and a learner anywhere on the school premises. Sitting arrangements in the classes were done with this in consideration. We have also marked spaces in the classroom and on the school premises that allow and remind learners and staff to keep the required space between or among themselves during any and all interactions. Learners will always remain classes and with a teacher to supervise them.



2.1 Lessons Timetable

We have created a lesson timetable that suits our adoption of staggered or alternate attendance and which gives opportunity for all our learners to have all the required lessons within a term.

2.2 Virtual/Remote Classes.

In order to provide a robust scheme of work and lesson plans that meet the 21st century education and which also allows us to complete the required termly lesson modules, we have decided to support in-class lessons with virtual or online lessons. Our school online portal as a very good learning management system (LMS) for lesson delivery and assessment, and which is also accessible to parents and guardians. Other media as printed materials, online video and audio materials, radio and TV will also be used as support  at home.

We also have awareness programmes to help prevent our learners from being victims of cyber bullying, sexual exploitation and other cyber threats.

2.3 Assessment

Both physical and online evaluations and assessments will be employed. Assessments will be periodical with home  assignments, test and quizes on alternated on weekly burns for  adequate  judgement and the last will be the end-of-term assessment.


We have updated our records and contact details of parents or guardians of our learners and have created an easily accessible and operational database for retrieving these details for the purpose of daily or periodical dissemination of information.

Our intention is to search for more relevant information on COVID-19 and communicate them regularly to parents and guardians of learners under our tutelage. These information will include public health messages about COVID-19 symptoms, transmission and prevention.

We have an effective communication system that will suffice in case of emergencies. Besides the use of text messages in terms of SMS for quick communication and information, we have also employ other social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegrams and the school official website.(



The school inner and outer environment have been fumigated and decontaminated and we have certified evidence for these.

Members of the staff have undergone training on safety and hygiene measures which include disinfection, safe distancing, hand washing, use of masks, respiratory etiquette and waste management. Safety and health policies on ground. Emergency  help line numbers are available within the school.

We have adequate washing facilities which include portable water, soap, sanitizer and washing point at all times. The school entry point is equipped with all these.

We have created an isolation centre or space to keep for observation any learner or member of the staff that shows any signs that is symptomatic of COVID-19.

Access to school premises by visitors will be controlled and monitored using the register

There will be special care, caution and continuous supervision of hallway traffic restrooms and sporting facilities.

Posters and banners already on display around the school premises to promote the awareness of right attitude and practices that will ensure safety at all times

The school health and safety committee has been trained and oriented towards safety protocols.

The school has COVID-19 Referral System, including protocols and procedures to take if learners, teachers, administrators, and other education personnel become unwell while at school.

We promise to carry out all these plans dutifully.




Mrs. O.R. Oluwagunna


Elias International School





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