1st Term Calendar




1st TERM: MONDAY, 11TH SEPT  – FRIDAY,         7TH DECEMBER , 2018 (13 WEEKS)

 Monday, 4th  Sept , 2018  4th – 6TH Sept 2018  Staff Workshop
 Sunday 9th Sept 2018  9th Sept  2018  Boarders  Resumption
   1st WEEK Mon 10th – 14th  Sept   2018​  10th  Sept  2018  Resumption For 1st Term 2018/2019 Academic Year
 12th  Sept  2018  Road Walk/Club
 14th Sept 2018  Combined Fellowship
   2ND WEEK Monday, 17th  – 21st   Sept 2018  17th  Sept  2018  Academic Activities Resume
 19th  Sept  2018  Road Walk/ Prize Giving Day
 21st   Sept  2018  Literacy Day/  Fellowship With Fasting And Prayer
  3RD WEEK Monday 24th    – Friday, 28th   Sept   , 2018  24th Sept  2018  Academic Activities Resume /Departmental Meeting
26th Sept   2018 Road Walk/Club/Boys& Girls Forum
 28th Sept 2018  Fellowship/Submission Of Alpha  Term  Questions /MENTORS MEETING
 4th WEEK Monday,1st    – Friday, 5th Oct    , 2018 1st  Oct   2018 Independence Day Holiday
  3rd  Oct   2018 DEBATE WEEK /Spelling Bee Competition
  5th  Oct   2018 World Teacher’s Day/Fellowship With Fasting And Prayer
5TH WEEK Monday,8th– Friday, 12th  Oct  2018 8th  Oct   2018 Academic Activities Resume
10th  Oct   2018 Road Work/Club/Literary Day
11th Oct 2018 World Girl Child Day
12th Oct 2018 Fellowship
6TH Week Monday, 15th    – Friday, 19th  May, 2018 15th Oct   2018 Academic Activities Resume
17th Oct 2018 Mid Term Test
19th Oct 2018 Mid Term Test/ Fellowship
7TH WEEK Monday 22nd --  26th    2018 22nd -23rd  Oct  2018 Mid-Term Test Continue  
23rd Oct 2018 Open Day
24th -26th Oct       2018 Mid - Term Break   
8TH WEEK Monday, 29th Oct- 2nd Nov  Friday,  2018 31st   Oct 2018 Road Walk/Mentorship
2nd  Nov  2018 Fellowship
9TH WEEK Monday, 5th  - Friday, 9th  Nov , 2018 5th Nov   2018 Academic Activities Resume
7th Nov  2018 Road Walk/Club
9th  Nov   2018 Fellowship
11th Nov 2018 P T I F   Meeting
10TH WEEK Monday, 12th – Friday, 16th  Nov , 2018 12th Nov 2018 Revision Week
14th Nov    2018 Road Work/Club
16th Nov 2018 Fellowship With Fasting And Prayer
11th WEEK Monday 19th -23rd  Nov  2018 19th -21st Nov 2018 Revision Continue
21st  Nov 2018 Id El Maulaud Holiday
22nd Nov 2018 1st Term Examination
12th WEEK  Monday 26th – 30th  2018 26th Nov  – 30th  2018 1st  TERM EXAMINATION CONTINUE
13th Week Dec 3rd  -5th 2018 3rd Dec 2018 1st TERM EXAMINATION CONTINUED
7th Dec 2018 Vacation
  Jan 7th 2019 Resumption For 2nd Term 2018/2019 Academic Year

                             Important Events

  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Prize Giving Day
  • World Teacher’s Day
  • World Girl Child Day
  • Open Day
  • PTIF Day

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