Dear esteemed parents/guardians


On behalf of the school management I write to appreciate the opportunity given to us to render a qualitative education to our wonderful children.

Thanks for your loyalty and patronage after the prolonged short down from COVID-19 challenge that affected everyone globally.

We are assuring you also that we will consciously put in our best to justify the confidence that you have reposed in us.

            FOOD FOR THOUGHT

As often as possible, try to have one-on-one time with each of your children. This time strengthens the bond between you and your children.

It also proves to your children that they are valuable enough to merit your undivided attention.


VACATION AND RESUMPTION: The school closes formally on 18th December 2020 and resume on Monday, 4th January 2021.                                               COLLECTION OF EXAM SCRIPT, NEWS LETTER, PROJECT AND TELLER: Parents are to pick up this on 16th  -17th December 2020.                                   IDENTIFICATION MARKS ON CHILDREN’S PROPERTIES: Misplaced or forgotten properties at school such as cardigans, food flasks, uniforms, water bottles, lunch bags, socks and nose mask etc. were found. We sometimes find it difficult to identify the owners of such items. We urge you to write the names of your child/ward  on their items for easy identification.                                                                      

  ADMISSION:  Our pupils have learnt a lot this term. Do not keep this  good service to yourself. Call on your family and friends and direct them   to the school office for enquiry and admission. Interview will be   conducted on appointed date. The form is still Five thousand (₦5,000)   naira  only.                                     SCHOOL WEBSITE & ONLINE RESULT: The termly activities of the school   should be monitored by the parents by logging on to our website           user I.D (SURNAME)Password: (1st three letters of parent name plus phone number. Academic result can be accessed  on 28th of December, 2020. In case of any challenge. Call (07063463224  or 07013731565 ) you can also reach us via the following E-mail address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..          

HOLIDAY TIPS/RESUMPTION DATE:  Silver term academic session begins on 4th January 2021. Brighten the holiday by making your health and safety a priority. Take the following steps to keep you and your children safe and healthy: 

  • Wash hands often to help prevent the spread of germs & COVID -19. Wash your hands with soap and clean running water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Bundle up to stay dry and warm. Wear appropriate outdoor clothing.
  • Monitor children. Keep potentially dangerous toys, food, drinks, household items and other objects out of children’s reach. Protect them from drowning, burns, fall and other potential accidents.
  • Practice fire safely. Most residential fires occurs during the dry months, so don’t leave fire places, space heaters, food cooking on stoves or candles unattended. Have an emergency plan and practice it regularly.
  • Eat healthy, stay active: Reduce can food and carbonated drinks. Eat fruits and vegetables which pack nutrients and help lower the risk for certain diseases. Make fruit juice and encourage your children to drink. Limit your portion sizes and foods high in fat, salt, and sugar. Drink water often.
  • Don’t skip meals: Starving may result to overeating and drinking on an empty stomach will give you a quicker buzz, which is more likely to lead to mindless munching. Eat normally during the day and be strategic at the buffet.
  • Security: Be conscious of where your children go or stay, who comes to the house and gives gifts to your children. You are the chief security of your Thank  you for your support and trust in us. We remain committed to provide quality education to your ward/child . 


National Day: The school will be having a National day (Celebrating our culture) this next term SILVER TERM. This will be replacing the International day for year 2021. Despite the state of the country with hatred and misunderstanding it is

important to educate our children on unity and love, cultural diversity and also encourage in-depth knowledge of who we are as a nation. The fee for this has been added to the bill.



  • Resumption -  4th January,  2021
  • PTIF Meeting – 30th January 2021
  • National Day (Celebrating unity in diversity) - 12th of February, 2021
  • Mid-term Break – 17th – 19th of February, 2021
  • World book day – 5th March 2021
  • Vacation - 1st April, 2021


CELEBRATION: We celebrate with the following families for their new born babies. Mr. & Mrs  Makinde and Mr. & Mrs  Usman, Mr & Mrs Kolawole, Mr & Mrs Olabisi and Mr & Mrs Adekunle.

CONCLUSION: We are happy to announce the end of Bronze term of 2020/2021 Academic Session of the school year happily. Thanks to Almighty God for his mercies, protection, provision and security. Our heart felt appreciations also go to you for sacrificing your time and resources in one way or the other to ensure you support your child and the school.                

  Finally, We wish you merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.   





Mrs. Ifabiyi R.f (H.M) 07063463224, 07087390213



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