The  management , members  of  staff  and  entire  students  of  Elias  International Secondary  School  altogether,  give  all the  glory, honour  and  adoration  to Almighty God Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient  God,  for  the  successful  completion  of  2020/2021 academic  year. We  also  want  to specially thank  our  dearly  esteemed  parents  for their  unalloyed  support,  contributions, availability  during  our various  activities and  prompt  responses to school  fee  payment.



- sin is anything we think, say or do that does not please God’.


- Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better’- Jim Rohn


- Some people dream of success while some wake up and work hard for it. - Mark Zuckerberg






  • Vacation:- The school vacates officially on Friday 23rd ,

July, 2021 while the students are to  come

 back on Monday 26th July for collection of hard  copies 

of third term results.


  • School Fee:- The new policy  on payment  of  school

 fees include:

  i.The school will no longer allow  paying of cash directly

 into the  School.

 ii.Payments should be  done  on/before  resumption  of

 any term.


iii. Instalments may not be  allowed  more  than twice  for parents  in such  category, only.


Parents  should  note  that  prompt  payment  of their  wards’ school fees help the smooth  running of school activities.

Please, note that all transfers made via mobile and bank App should be sent to this account and mobile number Acct detail-Sterling Bank -Elias Int’l Sch 0030036805, Phone number 08150915271


  • Hostel Facility:- The school runs a next-to-none boarding house which will help busy  parents  get their  children  well monitored and cared for; in our  serene environment.


  • Open Day/PTIF Meeting:- We appreciate parents who made it a duty to attend our Parent Teachers’ Interactive Forum and Open Day, as this is a part of the activities that bring  cooperation, unity  and  collaboration  between  the  school  and parents. The  next  one will be  communicated  to our  dear  esteemed parents.


  • Resumption:- The school resumes fully on 13th September, 2021 for 2021/2022 session. All the  needed materials for smooth  running  of  the  academic  term  should be  prepared  and  provided  by parents.
  • Suggestion / Complaint:- This is  to notify  our  dear parents  that the door  is  opened  to  observations  which will be  Such  suggestions  or  complaints  should  be  sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the following  numbers: 08028743191,08038997788, 08150915271.



  i. Admission:- The school has conducted Entrance Examinations based on the  stipulated  Notwithstanding, admission  is still  in progress into all  classes and  this  will  take place in August from Monday- Friday,  between 9am-1pm. All  students  seeking  admission  into Elias International Secondary School should note that original and  photocopies  of the  following  documents will be needed. Admission form, admission letter, 2 passport photographs, medical report,last  school  result and birth certificate.

 ii. Collection Of Result:- Henceforth, the  third  term  results  will now  be  given  in both  soft copy  and hard copy. The  soft copy on our  prodigy,  while  hard copy will be  printed  out for our  dear students to take home  for their  All  our  students are  advised  to come back  to  school  on Monday  26th July, 2021 for  the  collection  of their third term  result in hard copy.

iii. Result Checking: The school website is  open for  everyone to get information about the school, events, plans, assignments or projects. The third term  result will be  available  on the  school website from Monday 26th July, 2021. Parents can view results through  the student’s portal using:, User ID (SURNAME), Password (Parent’s phone number). In case of any challenge, call any of these lines: 08060816174, 08032521162, 07069462977.

 iv. Excursion/Field Trip:- The school intends to embark on excursion in this new term session around November. This is still subject to the  state  of security and  relaxation of Covid-19 regulations. Details will  be  communicated later.

 v. Vacation School:- The summer training /vacation school  will  commence  on 2nd August, 2021  and  end  27th  August, 2021. It is  designed  to be  a unique  and  unparallel  programme  totally  different from  the  usual vacation  Some  of  the  features  include: Academics, skill acquisition, sport , vocational training etc.

vi. Summer School:- All students are expected to take part in the summer school and a sum of N8,000 is required.

The one month intensive academic programme is compulsory for all SS 2 going to SS 3.

 vii. Submission Of Holiday Project/Assignment:- This will be given to our students  as    Parents  should  endeavour  to follow  up and  guide  their  wards for  compliance. The  defaulters will not  be  allowed  into the  classes  at  resumption. Kindly download the assignments from the assignment page/project slip.

 viii. Text/Note Books:- Textbooks and note books are available for purchase in the school  It should  be  noted  that  any note book that is not  bearing the  school’s name will not  be allowed. Also, only approved textbooks from our list of books given should be considered. The school intends to have ‘Books Fair Week’ between 9th -13th August, 2021. This is to help  parents  buy textbooks at cheaper rate in the school. After  that  week, the  school  goes  back to normal  rate  of selling  her  books.

 ix. Resit :- As part of our improvement plan, and a move to give our upcoming students extra grace to prove themselves, we have given opportunity for a resit of core subject after a crash week program during the holiday. Students in this category will be communicated to.



    i. Mentorship Program:- The school organised a gender program where students were mentored on the ‘Gains and Banes of the internet’. Better still, we        want to intensify our efforts in organising more of mentoring programmes for next session.

   ii. International Day/Career Day:- This is a special day in the school. The school hopes to have the day soon, hence,parents will be communicated when it is time.


  1. SS 3 CLASS:- To our SS 2 students promoted to SS 3, we say congratulations to you! The following programmes are hereby earmarked for them:

- Early Start Term

- JAMB/UTME Classes

- Operation Solve Problems In Maths

- Essay & Composition


  1. CONCLUSION:- In summary, we are glad you have chosen us to make a positive impact in your children, thank you for your patronage and we hope we will do it better together  next session. Remain blessed.



Please, Watch Out For The Following:

  • Prize Giving Day - 10th Sept, 2021
  • Literary Day- 21st Sept, 2021
  • PTIF Day- 23rd October, 2021
  • World Girl/Child Day -11th October, 2021
  • Open Day- 2nd Nov,2021
  • Teacher’s Day- 5th Nov,2021
  • World Physically Challenged  Day - 3rd December, 2021
  • End Of The Year Celebration-12th December, 2021






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